Summary of Services

Our Focus

International Machinery LLC,and it's supporting agents/offices and Global network strive to work direct with those who wish to sell surplus lines, and those who wish to purchase new or used lines.

Our Policy

We will list your equipment at no charge on our website, and market through our network. Further, we will search for your equipment needs at no charge. We earn our fee by selling or locating your equipment. Only in a situation where extensive travel and expenses are expected would we entertain charges prior to locating/selling.


Exclusive Listings

These terms are available, but are not our normal mode of operation. If you, the customer requests an exclusive agreement, we will discuss.


New Equipment Sales

International Machinery, LLC offers NEW equipment from various parts of the world. Further, we have the ability to work with other potential suppliers, not shown on our website, or well advertised worldwide, to provide you with the best possible price and fit for you perceived application. See our New Equipment page for details.

Used Equipment Sales

International Machinery, LLC offers USED equipment from around the world.

We strive to inform you, the seller or buyer, of current market trends, possible timeframes, discuss your price estimates with our most recent findings, etc. etc. For sure, we want you the client to be as well informed as possible in the process.


Rigging and Transportation Services

International Machinery, LLC is available to work with you on your project regardless of the purchase avenue chosen, New or Used equipment purchased direct from, International Machinery, LLC, an OEM or original owner. Or, through a competing Broker of New or Used equipment.


Installation and Service

ON EXISTING OR NEWLY PURCHASED LINES: International Machinery, LLC has the ability to provide skilled craftsmen to remove, package, transport, and re-install your New or Used, equipment purchases. Even if you did not purchase directly through International Machinery, LLC. These services are applicable here in North America, as well as most “safe” areas worldwide. With our network, International Machinery, LLC also can provide support for some new equipment services which may be required when purchase of your new equipment was from outside USA, and your OEM does not have support representation readily available or appointed here in USA.

Project Management

International Machinery, LLC has the network to provide you with specific Project Management on your equipment purchases, sales, installs, removals, and relocations as applicable to your needs.


Process and Machinery Consulting and Training

Where applicable, International Machinery, LLC can provide said services through our network. Personnel can be applied for short or long term assignments. This is advantageous for new purchase start-ups, or extended absence by your key personnel. Greenfield start-ups, or complete site relocations are always an option for our services.

Our normal training policy is to offer, 2 weeks inclusive, on purchases of new Flexo, Rotogravure, and Lamination lines, when purchase direct through International Machinery, LLC. Extended assignments can be negotiated. It is easy to sell a piece of equipment, but one must always consider the burden of proper training for the buyers personnel in order to ensure that the buyer can take full advantage of the investment. Also, proper training ensures that initial problems can be resolved perhaps by telephone discussions with less downtime. Rather than someone traveling in excess to overcome a lack of a training comprehension issue.

Appraisals and Liquidations

We offer appraisal services to anyone who requires documentation for their financials. Our service fees are not based on “total gross dollar amounts”. Rather, we price based on number of lines and expected actual expenses. We base our valuations upon a combination of factors, to include our historical Data Base, and current market conditions/expected trends. We are also available to work with your financial instituions should a Liqudation event be in order. We can provide direct assistance to the Creditors, Asset Recovery group, Receivership group, or Auction company to assist in any orderly liquidation of assets, site clean up.